Las Islas Marietas or the Marieta Islands are a hidden paradise for nature loving travelers who are searching for unspoiled preserved nature. Best known for the incredible marine life, bird watching and pristine beaches, the Marieta Islands need to be visited. Mexico has always been famous for their rolling beaches and beautiful weather. A lesser known, beautiful destination has become a closely guarded secret for travelers who love nature and its preservation. 

The Blue Footed Booby
A strangely names bird with aqua blue feet, the blue footed booby was once endangered. Now the Marieta Islands are a protected breeding ground for this and almost 100 other species of birds. Guided tours into the protected areas are available for nature lovers and ecological warriors.

La Playa del Amor
Commonly known as the Hidden beach, this gem is only visible to the naked eye from the above where it is nestled. To reach the beach you will have to swim through a 50 foot wide tunnel while the tide is low. The tunnel eventually opens up to a hole in the middle of the island covered with sand and pristine beach.

National Park
Hiring a small fishing boat for the day, nature lovers can visit the National Park. Be warned however that the area is highly regulated to protect the bird habitats and underwater ecosystems. The best way to experience the National Park is with a guided tour.

Sailing Tours
Sailing companies are littered around the surrounding main lands and chartering a yacht is relatively easily done. Most of these companies offer complete packages that include food of some sorts and almost all of the visit the infamous Lovers Beach.

Unspoiled underwater ecosystems are home to thousands of fish and coral species. Specialized snorkeling tours can be arranged, however most sailing charter companies will allow their guests to dive off the side of the boat. Some will even supply the relevant snorkel gear for nature lovers to experience the full beauty of the Marieta Islands underwater haven. Many visit the area to spot huge moray eels, bright yellow Goatfish and the Blacknosed Butterfly Fish. Waters are incredibly calm and visibility is unrivalled with the ocean floor being visible from the break water.

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