The City of Iligan is a modern city in the beautiful country of the Philippines. Around 90km’s from the capital province of Tubod, Iligan is a gem of discoveries from travelers the world over.

Historically, Iligan was a functional and organized town before the Spaniards arrived to colonize the island. They called the settlement Bolo, its vast tobacco plantations and farming activities making it a popular economic settlement point. Now, Iligan is a thriving metropolis that draws travelers from around the world with its rich multicultural history and beautiful natural habitat.

Aguinaldo Shrine 
Aguinaldo Shrine or Aguinaldo Mansion is the House of History. Built in 1845, the original mansion was made of nipa and thatch materials. Four years later it was reconstructed from hardwood and in 1920 the construction of the tower and photo worthy balconies began. National Philippine symbols, art deco and Masonic symbols can be seen throughout the building. Besides its beautiful architecture, the building houses important historical objects depicting the revolution against Spain and its war against the United States. 

Camp Samal
The site of the National Jamboree in 1977, the Camp Samal is an important historical location. Set on over twenty three and a half hectares of land over rolling hills 500 feet above sea level the camp offers spectacular views of the Cagayan and Pinacanauan Rivers.  For those wanting to stay a while, the leisure resort and the camping site are magnificent with very adequate facilities for travelers on a budget.

Dibulo Falls
Located in the Sierra Madre Mountains, the falls are breathtakingly beautiful and have been featured in many an Instagram influencers travel feed. Nestled in an easily accessible section of the Sierra Nature Park, the falls feature emerald green forest backdrops, a beautiful walkable stream and miles of unspoiled natural habitat. Don’t forget to take your camera for photographs that will last a life time.

Magat Dam
Southeast Asia’s first multi purpose dam, the Magat Dam is found on the largest tributary of the Cagayan River.  Although there are no specialty tours or attractions at the dam itself, the trip there is well worth the visit for the views alone. Overlooking the two rivers leading into it and the lush forests and the unobstructed views of the entire Isabel province the Magat Dam is a great destination for travelers who are looking for a free place to take in the Philippines.

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