Machu Picchu may be the first place you think of when you think of Peru but the truth is, Peru hold another gem that not many travelers know about. Mancora, an area populated with sandy beaches and warm waters and because of its proximity to the equator, year long sunny weather. If you are looking for a slice of heaven on earth then Mancora is the place you have been dreaming of. Before you pack up your bags and head for this beach paradise here are some things you should know.

Getting There
Getting there is half the fun when it comes to Mancora. Travelers will need to fly into one of the closer airports, either Piura, Talara or Tumbes. From there taxi’s or a car can be hired to drive you through the hour or two long winding drive through the desert. The best part of the drive is that your eye will never leave the sea. The contrast between arid desert and the inviting blue oceans is incredibly. Once in Mancora you will no longer need a car. Everything you need in the town is within walking distance but for the lazier traveler tuk-tuk’s are available to transport them around. Alternatively, horseback rides are available to those who prefer a more laid back approach.

Where to Stay
Laidback, reggae rhythms and feel good vibes are the order of the day in Mancora. The beaches are not overrun with tourists and secluded, private accommodation is still readily available to visitors. Booking a stay in one hotel does not mean that you cannot move between them for drinks on each of their patios while taking in the views. There are a host of bed and breakfasts as well as self catering units available on AirBnB and booking your accommodation should not be difficult. While you are walking the beaches, do not forget to pick up some coconuts that litter the beaches.

What to Do and What to Eat
Mancora is not a destination for those seeking adventure and a back to back itinerary. Within the town ample time spent lazing on the beaches and walking between café’s that offer fusion cooking to tickle any taste bud is the order of the day. For those who are looking for a little more action, thirty minutes South of Mancora is the tiny fishing village of Cabo Blanco. Dubbed by surfers as the Peruvian Pipeline the surf swells large and rivals Hawaai’s North shore. This is by no means a beginner surfers beach but for those wanting to brush up on their skills, or perhaps dabble in kite surfing, the Kite Club is available. They readily rent equipment to tourists and intermediate surfers as well. While in Cabo Blano, stop off at the restaurant named after the village. Behind the modest exterior lays a world class restaurant that serves ocean fresh fish cooked in only the way the Peruvians do. The views are something to behold as you watch the sunset over unspoiled beaches. 

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